A nutritionally-balanced complete yeast protein:

Yeast is naturally rich in proteins and contains all the essential amino acids. 
Springer® Proteissimo™ 102 is the perfect solution for formulators who are in search of a versatile protein.

Springer® Proteissimo™ 102 is an animal-free protein with a high digestibility score. These benefits are concentrated into this unique alternative protein derived from fermentation and can be easily formulated into food products without undesirable off-notes.


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The mission of Biospringer’s Culinary Center is to help our customers with formulation of food recipes to introduce our yeast protein. This exclusive Biospringer by Lesaffre service is committed to providing customized solutions and recommendations based on its strong expertise in food formulation and yeast ingredients. Our product Springer® Proteissimo™ 102 is ideal for the three following applications segments:

 Dairy & Analogs

Cereal Bars

Snacks & Crackers

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