The world is more connected than ever, allowing consumers to experience traditional cultures in many different countries. Exploring new taste profile in food and beverages engage our senses through a symphony of sightssounds, smellstastesand texturesLocal cuisines are not just sustenance but tales of unique native ingredientsheritage recipesand a true representation of local cultures.

All around the Asia Pacific, Japanese cuisines are well appreciated and mostly enjoyed for their delicate taste and appearanceIndeed, Japanese foods are often consumer's “second choice” coming after local cuisines.

At Biospringer, we are driven by constant innovation, and being the forerunners, we aim to create opportunities for food and beverage manufacturers to tap into the trend timely with yeast extract solutionsIn these traditional recipes, our experts have developed tailor-made yeast extract solutions to accentuate and shape japanese taste profile with characterincreased intensity, and taste complexity in your next innovative applications.


🍜 Tonkotsu soup seasoning
🍵 Instant matcha latte 
🥣 Wasabi mayo
🍲 Miso soup seasoning 
🥣  Roasted sesame salad dressing 
🧀 Hokkaido cheese filling 

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