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With the strong innovation, sensory and development competency of our experts in Biospringer Culinary Center in Singapore, we have consolidated a Japanese taste series featuring our dedicated portfolio of clean-label yeast extract solutions for various applications.

Find below a preview of three applications and their benefits highlights. To obtain the six full application series, download it here:

The world is more connected than ever, allowing consumers to experience traditional cultures in many different countries. Exploring new taste profile in food and beverages engage our senses through a symphony of sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures. Local cuisines are not just sustenance but tales of unique native ingredients, heritage recipes, and a true representation of local cultures

Recently, the Asian taste experience is blooming as consumers search for interesting regional tastes. All around the Asia Pacific (APAC), Japanese cuisines are well appreciated and mostly enjoyed for their delicate taste and appearance. Indeed, Japanese foods are often consumer’s “second choice” coming after local cuisines.

At Biospringer, we are driven by constant innovation, and being the forerunners, we aim to create opportunities for food manufacturers to tap into the trend timely with yeast extract solutions. We have developed  tailor-made yeast extract solutions to accentuate and shape Japanese taste profile with character, increased intensity, and taste complexity in applications.

What our expert says

Hugo Leclercq, Innovation & Business Development Director from Biospringer APAC agrees with the interest in the Japanese taste. He says, “Being one of the leading markets for innovative food products according to Global Food Innovation Index, Japan is inherently a culture of new-generation ideas, combined with centuries of rich authentic flavors.  The flavors are often associated with saltiness, sweetness and most importantly, umami – the essence of Japanese cuisines”. 

He further added, "To better identify the gap and create effective solutions, we leverage on our regional presence and technical capabilities in APAC to gather market knowledge and understanding of true Japanese taste in popular food and beverage segments".  


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