WHITE PAPER: Unlocking taste with sustainable and clean-label yeast extract in Asia

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Naturalness, nutrition and pleasure are essential criteria in the purchase decision of consumers. Therefore, food formulators' choice of ingredients is very strategic. 

Yeast extract is a perfect solution for the food and beverage industry. Why?

  • Yeast extract is a natural origin ingredient from fresh yeast.
  • It keeps its natural attributes and natural organoleptic qualities throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Thanks to its composition, it improves and builds taste in food and beverages. 
  • And much more...

Download our white paper to understand everything about yeast extracts!

In this white paper...

Discover how yeast extract can help Asian food manufacturers
to formulate regional taste in key applications such as...

Japanese roasted sesame salad dressing

Teriyaki sauce

Tomato ketchup


01. What  is yeast extract?

02. How is yeast extract produced?

03. What are the main uses of yeast extract?



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