The flavor impact and taste sensation from yeast extracts allow food manufacturers to address various formulation challenges:

Yeast extract is a great ingredient for creating meals with delicious flavor due to it’s natural composition of protein, peptides, amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.  The flavor enhancement properties can also be used to reduce or remove ingredients for clean label, allergen, cost reduction, or nutritional purposes.

Springer ® Reveal is the range of yeast extracts that provide roundness, savory flavor, and interesting nuances.

Springer® Umami is the range of yeast extracts that amplify the flavor of foods and provide great umami flavor. This range contains a naturally higher level of nucleotides for umami taste that brings out spices, intensifies flavor, and provides overall balance.

Springer ® Signature is the range of yeast extract products that can give specialized flavor notes, including cheese, chicken, beef, roasted, grilled, and smoked meat.

Springaline ®  is a line of inactive dried yeasts that gives subtle savory flavors, provides balance, rounds flavor, and can add protein.


Au Gratin Cheese Sauce

Springer ® 6002 adds caramelized / browned cheesy notes, and brings out the overall flavor.

Crab Bisque

Springer ® 1204 enhances the crab flavor and brings out savory notes.

Vegan Caesar Dressing

Springer ® 1101 adds lingering savory notes and increases the tangy perception.

Vegan Carbonara Sauce

Springarom ® SM 7007 adds smoky, meaty notes and adds umami flavor.

Yeast extract is a natural origin ingredient derived from fresh yeast.
The natural protein, peptides, and free amino acids provide rich umami flavor.

Yeast extract is known for its minimal production process through fermentation.
Its production required limited land use and is environmentally sustainable.


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