Understand why  Springer® Mask 101 bitter masker abilities are powerful


Masking unwanted aftertastes is a key challenge for food manufacturers looking to develop tasteful recipes in plant-based applications and low-sugar beverages. 

A 2022 scientific study by Biospringer's R&D Department conducted with the Center for Taste and Feeding Behavior (INRAe - CSGA, France) has proven the effeciency of Springer® Mask 101 as a large and powerful bitter masker.  

Download our brochure to find out how a natural yeast-based ingredient can have a powerful effect to mask unwanted flavor notes for your food and beverages formulations. 

1. The bitterness challenge for food manufacturers
2. Presentation of the scientific study methodology
3. Springer
® Mask 101, a powerful bitter masker 
4. Development of flavorful plant-based food and low-sugar beverages
5. Biospringer by Lesaffre's expertises 
Antoine Thomas - Flavor development Manager at Biospringer by Lesaffre

Antoine Thomas - Flavor development Manager at Biospringer by Lesaffre

"We conducted this high-level sensory research to show, with scientific proofs, that Springer® Mask 101 blocks the perception of off-notes, metallic or bitter, to reveal the original profile of the product. It does not add an aromatic note or taste like "classic" yeast extracts do. Adding to this, compare to other masking solutions available in the market, Springer® Mask 101 is a natural solution, vegan suitable, and produced by fermentation"

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