Consumers are searching for healthier solutions by reading ingredient labels, reducing sugar and fat consumption, and seeking out products with positive claims. They are also more aware of an ingredient's potential impact on their body, and take a more proactive approach towards health and wellness. However, they are not willing to sacrifice taste and indulgence when it comes to products that satisfy their sweet cravings.

Biospringer yeast extracts are a clean-label solution that can help strike the right balance between flavor and formulation benefits in a variety of sweet food and beverage applications.


Springer® Standard Range

The Springer® Standard range of yeast extracts is great for rounding overly-sweet products and alternative sweeteners. It also provides formulation solutions for dairy-free and vegan applications.


  • Enhances dairy perception
  • Rounds flavors


Springer® 4000 Range

The Springer® 4000 range of yeast extracts provides multiple formulation benefits in sweet applications, especially in dairy-free, vegan, and reduced sugar products.


  • Brings a perception of creaminess
  • Creates long lasting flavor / flavor extension
  • Adds kokumi taste sensation
  • Mimics the mouthfeel of cocoa butter


6Springer® 6000 Range

The Springer® 4000 range of yeast extracts provides multiple flavor enhancing benefits in sweet applications, especially in caramel and chocolate products.


  • Adds dark, caramelized, or bitter notes
  • Deepens flavors / creates a rich flavor perception
  • Gives the perception of higher cacao solids


Springer® Mask Range

The Springer® Mask range of yeast extracts allows food manufactures to create sweet products with lower sugar, lower calories, and/or no dairy - all while maintaining desirable flavor profiles. 


  • Masks soy off-notes
  • Masks harsh aftertaste from alternative sweeteners


Yeast extract is a natural-origin ingredient derived from fresh yeast. The natural protein, peptides, and free amino acids provide rich umami flavor. Yeast extract is known for its minimal production process through fermentation. It's production required limited land use and is environmentally sustainable.

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