This formulation focuses on  the Asia Pacific market, if you come from another location, please click here.

Plant-based food innovation is accelerating in Asia Pacific, driving the transition of the plant-based segment from generation 1.0 to 2.0. The new generation of plant-based alternatives set apart from the traditional ones by being far more accurate to the taste and nutritional profile of real meat especially for the emerging plant-based pork alternatives.

In this innovative Plant-based Pork Skewers formulation, you may find Springer® Mask yeast extract solution that:


  • Neutralizes and masks off-notes from plant-based proteins, creating a balanced flavor base for further flavor development.


  • Carries mild umami with increased juiciness and long-lasting taste performance

As well as Springer® Signature yeast extract solution that: 

  • Plays a key role in creating dark meaty profile in meat analogues 


  • Intensifies overall meaty profile with more pleasant and richer profile.
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