Yeast extract solution to mask off-notes in plant-protein

*This handout focuses on the Asia Pacific market

Plant-based diets are now the most popular diet in the world. Growing awareness about the health benefits of protein and the drawbacks of meat is driving consumer interest in plant-based alternatives. Despite the overwhelming response towards plant-based diet, formulating great tasting plant-based food remains as a huge challenge to the food and beverage manufacturers.

In this context, the choice of ingredients is strategic for you, food formulators. Springer® Mask 202 yeast extract is one strategic ingredient for off-note masking. It is a natural and vegan-friendly solution that can mask a wide variety of plant protein off-notes in soy, pea, wheat and more.

In this Springer® Mask 202 handout, discover how yeast extract can help you in Asia Pacific to mask any kind of undesirable plant protein off-notes in your clean-label plant-based formulation. We unlock the masking solutions for your plant-protein challenges. 


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