Springer® Mask 101

The fermentation-based ingredient for taste modulation that makes it easy to mask unwanted flavor notes in beverage and food.

A natural solution:

  • To mask liquorice, metallic off-notes, bitter taste and to cut aftertaste brought by sweeteners such as stevia and acesulfame K.
  • To mask bitter taste, beany, earthy, cardboard off-notes brought by vegetal proteins.

Springer® Mask 101’s efficiency was approved by food and sensory experts.

Plant-based alternatives

Strongly driven by health and environmental concerns, consumers crave for plant-based alternatives, such as dairy, meat and fish analogues. Inspired by this demand, food manufacturers search for solutions allowing them to create great-tasting alternatives with plant proteins such as soy and pea proteins.

Low-sugar and sugar free beverages with sweeteners

Consumers are looking for reduced or sugar-free beverages: the beverage industry is challenged to offer delicious drinks while using sweeteners to reduce the sugar content.

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