Springer® Precursor 401

Springer® Precursor 401 is unique by its composition and flavor profile:

  • Natural source of a specific sulfury compound (often sought for to develop beef flavors)
  • Flavor complexity of yeast extract
  • Poultry notes


The sample will be sent after the official launch in 2021

Labeling : yeast extract


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The Precursor range

Springer® Precursor is a unique range of yeast extracts that enables the development of roasted meaty notes during the Maillard reaction :

Springer® Precursor 101

Natural yeast extract that balances roasted meaty flavor notes.

Balanced aminogram and high ratio of free aminoacids

Springer® Precursor 201

Natural yeast extract that gives strong roasted white meat flavor notes.

Designed aminogram with high level of peptides

Springer® Precursor 301

Natural yeast extract that gives intense and typical roasted poultry meat flavor notes.

Specific aminogram with high level of sulfur compound

What our expert says


"Springer® Precursor range reflects the increasing engagement of Biospringer with the flavor houses. These efficient ingredients are very specific food flavoring solutions, and they stand apart for their innovativeness and so, their market potential. Our objective is to keep growing the range, following the users’ expectations. Springer Precursor™ is targeted to become a reference in the flavor industry!"

Karine Serrano - Global Key Account Manager

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