Natural, vegan and lactose-free yeast based solution that brings authentic and characteristic cheesy notes to your applications! 

This handout focuses on the Asia Pacific market, if you come from another location, please click here

Cheese flavored products are increasingly more prominent in Asia Pacific with Cheddar, Mozzarella and Parmesan flavor profile dominating consumers preference. As consumers develop a taste for cheese, it penetrates through the snack segment especially in India and Indonesia, bakery mainly in Vietnam, instant noodles across the region, and many other segments. With no surprise, the novel plant-based cheese segment is gravitating towards the same trend which has been observed in Australia and New Zealand

To meet the growing demand for cheese flavored products, manufacturers are looking for solutions to bring authentic cheesy notes into their formulation, be it to achieve clean-labelling or without being impacted by the cost fluctuation of raw dairy ingredients.

Thanks to the deep know-how and strong yeast extract innovation capabilities, our experts at Biospringer have newly developed Springer® Signature Cheese 102 to overcome challenges that they are facing. Springer® Signature Cheese 102 is efficient in delivering taste that complements other top cheese flavorings to produce complex and umami profile with long-lasting sensation. It is also capable to bring and deliver authentic cheesy notes on its own. 

Download this handout to find out more about the key market challenges and how Springer® Signature Cheese 102 can help you formulate food and beverages with signature and sophisticated cheesy profiles.




01. Consumer insight and market challenges

02. Sensory profiling and application segments

03. Key application benefits 


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