Bespoke solution for authentic and complex cheesy notes: 
Springer® Signature Cheese 102 

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With more than 150 years of experience in food and beverage applications, Biospringer now brings yeast-based ingredient expertise, technical capability, regional market knowledge and innovation to deliver characteristic cheese taste solution with Springer® Signature CH 102.

A natural, vegan and lactose-free yeast extract solution, Springer® Signature Cheese 102 can deliver authentic cheesy and umami notes solely on its own.  It can complement as well with top cheese flavors or cheese-based ingredients to bring complex middle to long-lasting cheese notes. 


Springer® Signature Cheese 102 is efficient in bringing a broad range of complex cheese taste ranging from aged cheese to creamy or dairy profile. It can be integrated into the seasonings, sauces, baked goods, sweet goods, dairy analogues and many other applications. Explore the cheesy concepts with Springer® Signature Cheese 102  in various applications by downloading the consolidated technical handout!


01. Key application benefits 
02. Vegan cheese sauce application
03. White cheddar cheese dip application
04. Parmesan flavored snack seasoning application

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