Springer® Umami AA

Springer® Umami AA is a high natural umami product that works perfectly well in a salt-reduced recipe without short-changing the taste.

The amino acids, nucleotides and peptides present in Springer® Umami AA work synergistically to provide long-lasting high natural umami.

Springer® Umami AA applies to:

→ Sauces & seasonings
→ Processed fish and meat
→ Fish and meat analogues

In those applications, Springer® Umami AA achieve up to 30% salt reduction!

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(available in Asia only)

Application examples:

Soy sauce

We attain 30% reduced salt in dipping sauces (light soy sauce, seafood soy sauce) by increasing the original notes, such as fermented and pungency.

Meat analogue

We obtain 15% less salt in meat substitute products through the enrichment of meaty profile (chicken, beef).

Instant noodles

We reduce 20% of the salt in instant noodle seasonings (tonkatsu, chicken) by intensifying the meaty flavor profile.

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