WHITE PAPER - Salt reduction 

This white paper focuses on  the Asia Pacific market, if you come from another location, please click here.


Salt reduction remains as a top priority for food manufacturers across Asia Pacific, under pressure following official recommendations from World Health Organization (WHO), to reduce salt consumption by 30% by 2050. This has led many countries in Asia to develop their own salt reduction program, such as ‘Eat Right India’ Movement launched by Authority of India (FSSAI) in July 2018. Two years later, the Department of Health (DOH) in Australia has also implemented a salt reformulation program with targets set for 27 food categories. In fact, countries like Singapore and Thailand were the first few country in Asia, to implement their own set of salt reduction policies.


With the increasing consumers’ demand coupled with these regulations, salt reduction has become a big challenge for food manufacturers: how to find alternatives without compromising the taste? Our white paper highlights how yeast ingredients can offer natural solutions to help food formulators achieve up to 30% salt reduction while preserving the organoleptic properties of their recipes.



01. Salt reduction, at stake globally

02. A formulation challenge 

03. How can yeast extract be part of the reformulation challenge?










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