The plant-based meat industry is growing at an exponential rate, and the products available to consumers are more innovative and delicious than ever before. Learn how Biospringer's range of yeast extracts can help keep hungry vegans and flexitarians craving your product(s) with our clean-label flavor solutions...

Download an INFOGRAPHIC to learn why companies are using yeast extracts as a clean-label flavor solution for meat substitutions:

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Read a WHITE PAPER to learn how to develop innovative and delicious alternative meat products using yeast extract as a natural flavor solution:

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Watch a video to see how the Biospringer Culinary Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was able to create
a Vegan Sausage using Springer
® 4101 to increase the fatty, meaty perception in this application:

Taste is foundational to the plant-based experience, and is still the most cited challenge for food manufacturers in this competitive market. Consumers want a product that looks, smells, and TASTES like real meat!

Let our culinary experts help you create or reformulate your products to meet 
consumer expectations and industry regulations for plant-based meats!

Get in touch to learn more or request a sample for your next application:

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