We were so happy to meet you at the Southern California IFT Supplier Night Expo this year.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your local sales representative to get a sample of our yeast extract products, or to talk about any food/beverage applications you may be working on.

Our Culinary Center team is also available to assist with a variety of formulation challenges, including:

  • taste improvement and flavor enhancement
  • sodium and fat reduction
  • plant-based, vegan, and clean-label solutions
  • off-note masking

 Learn how Biospringer's range of yeast extracts can help keep hungry vegans and flexitarians craving your product(s) with our clean-label flavor solutions...

Download an INFOGRAPHIC to learn why companies are using yeast extracts as a clean-label flavor solution for meat substitutions:

to download

Read a WHITE PAPER to learn how to develop innovative and delicious alternative meat products using yeast extract as a natural flavor solution:

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Watch a video to see how the Biospringer Culinary Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was able to create
a Vegan Sausage using Springer
® 4101 to increase the fatty, meaty perception in this application:

Taste is foundational to the plant-based experience, and is still the most cited challenge for food manufacturers in this competitive market. Consumers want a product that looks, smells, and TASTES like real meat!

Let our culinary experts help you create or reformulate your products to meet consumer expectations and industry regulations for plant-based meats!


Contact a representative:

Pam Rupp
Regional Sales Manager | West

Mariana Carreño
Regional Sales Manager | Mexico

Heidi Geisenhoff
Technical Applications Manager | North America

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