We were so happy to meet you at the Northern California Institute of Food Technologists Suppliers’ Night this year.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your local sales representative to get a sample of our yeast extract products, or to talk about any food/beverage applications you may be working on.

Our Culinary Center team is also available to assist with a variety of formulation challenges, including:

  • taste improvement and flavor enhancement
  • sodium and fat reduction
  • plant-based, vegan, and clean-label solutions
  • off-note masking


Learn how yeast extracts help reduce sodium while preserving flavor:

to download the white paper

Learn how to use yeast extracts to develop delicious meat-alternative products:

to download the white paper

Watch a video to see how Chef Matthew Burton worked with Biospringer yeast extracts to create a full barbecue menu, complete with grilled sausage, baked beans, and macaroni & cheese:

Watch a video to learn more about yeast extract:


Contact a representative:

Pam Rupp
Regional Sales Manager | West

Heidi Geisenhoff
Technical Applications Manager | North America

Biospringer North America
7475 W Main Street | Milwaukee, WI 53214
+1 (414) 615-4100